Tricks to make your makeup last all day

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Unpacking New Beauty Product


Hi everyone!
It’s a new year, Happy New Year to you all. I haven’t been writing because I misplaced so many pictures and it hurts so much to know and realise that you need to post some and it’s no where to be found.
Yaaaaay! This is my first post of the year. I am excited that it’s a new year and also I have something cool to share.

Shopping in Shoprite Ikeja: My Experience

Don’t wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater.
– Mary Manin Morrissey

Hi lovelies,

I went shopping  with my mum at Shoprite Ikeja on Sunday cause she wanted to get this cream named Makari. She bought the soap, body cream and day cream with spf.

 I was just walking around  with her cause I am broke (what would a broke lady do than to watch others shop) lol, but I was happy I found out new places to get cosmetics, supplement  and Beauty product. We checked out Medi+ , Casabella, Health+ and Poise.

We got the creams from Casabella, she bought 2 Jordana lipsticks and a lip line for 950naira each. I didn’t get to take the pictures of the lipsticks, lip pencil and Makari soap.

These are what my mum bought for me.

The eyebrows shaper and dove soap. The love I have for this soap is real, love at first smell and sight. It’s really nice, when I smelt and saw it for the first time was in my friend room in school that was last year.
I have gone around  the world  and didn’t find it but finally  I got it but I got only one but it was worth it 300naira

Then we got other stuffs like coconut oil, Jamaican back castor oil, and that sweet from Medi+ . The sweet is so big 200naira, the castor oil was around 2000 or 2000+ same as the coconut oil. 

Casabella gave us a loyalty form to fill, according  to what they explain we can buy stuffs from them and medi+ to build up our lists which will get us point and we can get discounts when the point reaches a stage. After filling that they gave us 3 cards a big one and two small ones. 

 That is for my mum she puts it in her card holder.

That’s mine it in my Wallet

That’s  my mum’s too, they were the ones who actually told her to use it as a key holder. 
So that is all i can say about that day, it was fun. Less I forget we were passing by when we saw poise and entered to check for my mums cream Makari to our greatest suprise it was lesser there than in Casabella. 18 thousand ➕ in Casabella and 16 thousand ➕ in poise.

My view of Oriflame as a Consultant

Oriflame is a cosmetic company. The company is into Direct Sales. Our products can not be purchase in shops or cosmetic shop. Only a registered consultant can have access to our products. Oriflame was founded in Sweden with a global presence in over 60 countries including Nigeria.

Our Product line is from Natural ingredients combined with science
Our product range from hair care, body care, skin care, feet care, fragrance, spray, rollons, lipsticks, powder etc
To join oriflame all u need is #3000 naira .

The catalogue is our shop. You show people the catalogue giving them two options-  to pick what they are interested in buying direct from the company at a 30% discount or from you at price catalogue price as suggested by the company. Since there are prices on the catalogue no need for negotiations.

 We always encourage new consultants to start from the known to the unknown

Who are the KNOWN?
Family, friends, church members, association etc

Who are the UNKNOWN?
The guys on the street
The person that sits with you in the bus
Those you meet in the market ,your children’s schools, parties( wearing Aso ebi together with you)😃
and many more you can think of

You wll get better reception from known than from unknown
 Since catalogue is your mobile shop you are encouraged to invest in catalogue
 U can buy one at 250naira or as a  team you can contribute to buy in bulk at 14,000naira for 100pcs . That means 140naira for one and share it among yourselves ,the more catalogues you have to show, the higher the number of people you are reaching at a go.

 When you join you EARN in 7 different ways
But for this seminar we will explain 4 ways

 Holton Buggs said the one that knows the payment plan gets the most money. Meaning you must understand the payment plan of oriflame if you plan to earn well and earn good.

 Oriflame Pays in 7 Different way
1) Immediate Profit
2) Performance Discount on Personal Purchase
3) Performance Discount on Downline
4) Cash Awards
5) Gold Bonuses
6) Car Award
7) Travel Round the world
 *Oriflame has come to build peoples’ dreams and goals, make you look great, make money and have a lot of fun. We a lot of witnesses to that.
 When u have between
10,000- Above=21%

 1) Immediate Profit
Buy as a consultant sell to users keep your profit of approximately 30%

1BP = 93naira
100BP = 9300naira
200BP = 18,600naira
In addition to getting immediate profit from the product you buy from oriflame and you sell,  oriflame pays you at the end of the month 3%-21% discount on that product.

We calculate the % based on the volume you purchase

All products in oriflame have what we call Bonus Point (BP). The higher the cost of a product the higher the BP while the lower the cost of purchase the lower the BP
Your BP will determine your percentage and your percentage will determine your earning
We calculate your % based on BP (bonus Point)

 3% Consultants = 200points – 599 total group points can earn between N500 to N2000 monthly

6% Consultants = 600points – 1199 total group points can earn between N2,500 to N7,000 monthly

9% Consultants = 1,200 points – 2, 399 total group points can earn between N7,000 – N12,000 plus monthly

12% MANAGER = 2,400 points – 3,999 total group points can earn between N12,000 – N25,000 plus monthly

15% MANAGER = 4,000 points – 6, 599 total group points can earn between N20, 000 – N53, 000 plus monthly

18% MANAGER = 6,600 points – 9,900 total group points can earn between N40, 000 – N104, 000 plus monthly

21% SENIOR MANAGER = 10,000 plus total group points can earn between N60,000 – N185,000 plus monthly
200-599=3% – Consultant
600-1199=6% – Consultant
1200-2399=9% – Consultant
2400-3999=12% – Manager
4000-6599=15% – Manager
6600-9999=18% – Manager
10,000- Above=21% – Snr Manager

To register through me Click here . Check out other post to know what I have gotten from it too.

Wows! What I got from Oriflame as a New Consultant

I just became an Oriflame Consultant and paid for startup. This are the contents in my startup kit.

These are what I got:
  • A list of prices for their products.
  • A contact list form.
  • A free form for a friend you wish to give.
  • 2 Oriflame Product Catalog.
  • A Consultant Introduction and Guides in the business book.
  • A bonus point tracker book or sheet.
  • A tender care which can be used as lip balm, eyeshadow primer.
  • A bag.
I am loving the products and I will be getting their skin care products soon.

When I get the skin care products I’ll make sure I post then, so as to know my skin care routine.

I posted about turning your love for makeup to money I have started my journey as an Oriflame Consultant.

I advise you to join soon because there are lot of Good stuffs to benefit from it.